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Landscape as Muse

Season Five - Episode 51

Athabasca Sand Dunes with Sandra Meigs
Self-described "Gothic painter", Sandra Meigs travels from her Victoria home to remote northwestern Saskatchewan's enigmatic Athabasca Sand Dunes. Spanning almost 2000 square kilometres the isolated Dunes are Canada’s largest active sand surface -- and the most northerly active dunes on earth. These Dunes are home to at least nine species of plant not found anywhere else in the world. Observes Sandra,

...everything has its own three feet of territory. A plant has its own little system. And the creatures that need it to survive. It's a beautiful living organism. I think of this, where we are, as an organism. And we're here relating to it.

Back at her studio, Meigs completes a very large painting featuring an imaginary sand dune creature, inspired by the journey.