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December 06, 2010
291 Film Company’s new wild food documentary series, Untamed Gourmet, premieres on SCN this Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 8:00pm CST. Created by Cary Ciesielski and Ian Toews, the series follows chefs from across the country, as they hunt and gather wild food and make a meal out of the ingredients collected. Watch for the HD premiere on APTN, coming in early 2011.

NEW SERIES TO AIR ON CBC’s documentary & bold

December 06, 2010
291 Film Company is pleased to announce that the first season of its documentary television series, Great Minds of Design, has been licensed by CBC’s digital channels, documentary and bold.

Great Minds of Design features a broad range of Canadian designers working with everything from furniture and architecture, to solar stained glass and graffiti. The series will follow innovative creators from across the country, as they conceive of and implement new designs. The first season focuses on sustainable designers, who consciously make products that consider the effects their creation have on culture and society.

documentary and bold will broadcast Great Minds of Design commencing in 2012.


December 06, 2010
Welcome to our new website! Here you’ll find some exciting news about our brand new wild food documentary series, Untamed Gourmet, premiering on SCN on Tuesdays at 8:00pm CST, starting on December 7th, 2010. We have some exciting news about a new series (Great Minds of Design) going into production in 2011. Also, you may now purchase DVD’s of our programs, including Landscape as Muse and Saskatchewan River Delta, by PayPal through our online store.