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September 14, 2007
We’re very excited to announce that we’ve been nominated for two Gemini Awards:

  • Best Direction in a Documentary Series:
    Ian Toews; Landscape as Muse II: The Forest with Peter von Tiesenhausen
  • Best Performing Arts Program or Series or Arts Documentary Program or Series:
    Ian Toews; Landscape as Muse III

The Geminis celebrate excellence in Canadian English-language television, acknowledging our country's triumphs in 91 award categories, in four gala presentations. Since its first broadcast in 1986, the event has grown in prominence and stature to become one of the most prestigious cultural events in Canada. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the awards. – source: Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

“This is exciting news,” says Producer / Director / DOP Ian Toews, “I feel like we’ve gained huge recognition for our little show. It’s been under the radar for such a long time so it’s quite an honor.” Landscape as Muse, which has aired on Bravo!, SCN, Knowledge Network, and AVRO (in the Netherlands), has been steadily carving out its place in the Canadian arts community while putting a very cinematic spin on television documentaries.

Its been quite a year. We’ve been getting phone calls, faxes, and emails from all kinds of people and organizations wanting to buy LAM (Landscape As Muse). Its been sold to a large Dutch broadcaster, a variety of schools, the National Gallery of Canada just acquired the series, and now these Gemini nominations… It’s just a perfect way to wrap up a great year.

291 Film Company is currently producing a fourth season of Landscape as Muse. Episodes are being shot across Canada—from atop glaciers in the Rocky Mountains to the rugged Atlantic shores of Newfoundland. Production will continue into December and broadcasts of Season 4 are expected to commence February 2007. Asked about the work schedule Toews said:

It’s great to be recognized for what we do—the workload is so great that sometimes we lose sight of the audience and the final outcome. The fact is that these shows were created by a field crew of no more than two or three people on sync-sound 16mm film, and then finished by a post crew of about the same. We were conceptualizing, shooting, and finishing 13 episode seasons in about 10 months. So this recognition is both for the content of the show and for the incredible hard work that got us there.