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October 01, 2006
It's been a busy summer! We just got back from our eastern road trip to Ontario and Quebec. Real group of seven country. Our first stop was the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve where we worked with sculptor Reinhard Reitzenstein.

Adjacent to Algonquin Park, Haliburton is a 60,000 acre privately owned forest. Although the weather wasn't cooperating he managed to finish two very strong pieces during our time there. The forest has recently been hit with a tornado and Reinhard's work explored the way that a natural event can alter the landscape. We found several areas where mature trees were ripped from the ground leaving root balls 20 feet high sticking out of the ground. We also owe a thank you to Reinhard's wife Gail and son DJ for helping us out on the last few days of the trip.

Our next stop was the home of Luc Beauparlant in Quebec, north of Montreal. Luc and his wife Christine live on an idyllic farm where they sometimes host residences and events for the Boreal artist group of artists. Our camera watched Luc work on the construction of his sculptural project – an underground sauna made of cedar logs collected from his land (with the help of his horse Prince). Later this year (early winter) we will follow Luc as he installs the structure in its final location. Luc and Christine were very hospitable and made us feel right at home. We even befriended a blue jay who may make it into the show, although we didn't get a release form.

Our next trip will be to Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta with Jane Ash Poitras.